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Senior Leadership Team

Photo: Tom Perry

NYC & Company is led by a team of talented and passionate professionals, each an expert in their field. These individuals work tirelessly to ensure that our everyday efforts translate to long-term, global success for New York City tourism.

Fred Dixon

President & CEO

Richard Lovatt

Chief Financial Officer

Nancy Mammana

Chief Marketing Officer

Natalie Koepff

Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel

Jerry Cito

Executive Vice President, Convention Development

Elan Cole

Executive Vice President, Co-Lead, Creative/Content

Kelly Curtin

Executive Vice President, Membership and Destination Services

Jonathan Durbin

Executive Vice President, Co-Lead, Creative/Content

Tiffany Townsend

Executive Vice President, Global Communications

Donna Keren

Executive Vice President, Head, Research Unit

Janette Roush

Executive Vice President, Marketing & Digital

Nevah Assang

Senior Vice President, Cultural & Community Relations

Robert Beckham

Senior Vice President, Membership Development & Services

Reginald Charlot

Managing Director, Tourism Market Development

Rondel Holder

Senior Vice President, Content & Diversity Initiatives

Rachel Insler

Vice President, Marketing Operations & Chief of Staff to the CMO

Makiko Matsuda Healy

Managing Director, Tourism Market Development

Bruce Revman

Managing Director, Sponsorships

Maria Wilcox

Senior Vice President, Hotel Relations