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  • 12 E. 32nd St.
  • Manhattan, NY 10016
  (212) 213-0077

  • 12 E. 32nd St.
  • Manhattan, NY 10016
  (212) 213-0077

Slide off your shoes and sit down on a comfortable pillow at this fine-dining establishment serving Korean-inspired vegetarian cuisine in Manhattan's Koreatown. The menu offers exquisite meals showcasing the flavors of mushrooms, vegetables and tofu and includes both a la carte selections as well as prix-fixe options. Dishes like porridge, Mongolian hot pot and tofu pudding mingle with the serene atmosphere, heightening the culinary experience.

  • Multilingual Staff:
  • WiFi - Free:
  • Week One Inclusion (January 18-23): Yes
  • Week Two Inclusion (January 24-30): Yes
  • Week Three Inclusion (January 31-February 6): Yes
  • Week Four Inclusion (February 7-13): Yes
  • Beverage Specials:
    • Cocktail Pairings
  • Dietary Needs/Preferences:
    • Vegan
  • Lunch: Not Offering Lunch
  • Dinner: $59
  • Sunday Lunch/Brunch: Not Offering Sunday Lunch/Brunch
  • Sunday Dinner: Not Offering Sunday Dinner
  • 3rd Party Platforms:
    • Caviar
    • ChowNow
    • DoorDash
    • Uber Eats
  • All In NYC: Neighborhood Getaways: Already participating
  • Direct Orders:
    • Yes, our restaurant accepts orders via phone
    • Yes, our restaurant accepts walk-in pick up orders
  • Meals Available: Both Lunch & Dinner
  • Menu: https://newyorkcity.simpleviewcrm.com/docs/amenities/2022-RW-Winter_8F66FD1C-5056-A36F-236934AA050ECEE9.pdf
  • Menu Added In CMS: Menu - Yes
  • Offer: Choice of side dish: Spicy Baby Dumplings -3pcs or Vermicelli Delight Choice of main dish (served with multigrain rice and Kimchi): Crispy mushroom in sweet and sour sauce or Avocado bibimbap or Tofu delight (tofu with sesame leaf and seaweed sauce)
  • Offer - Approved: your choice of crispy mushroom in sweet and sour sauce, avocado bibimbap or tofu delight with a side of either spicy baby dumplings or vermicelli delight.
  • Caviar: https://www.trycaviar.com/store/hangawi-new-york-49419/1420264/en-US
  • ChowNow: https://direct.chownow.com/order/23631/locations/34604
  • DoorDash: https://www.doordash.com/store/hangawi-new-york-49419/en-US/?utm_medium=website&utm_source=partner-link
  • Preferred Ordering Link: https://www.doordash.com/store/hangawi-new-york-49419/en-US/?utm_medium=website&utm_source=partner-link
  • Uber Eats: https://www.ubereats.com/new-york/food-delivery/hangawi/ufewzfwHRPWSavQJiTSNnw
  • Mastercard Status Venue:
  • Buyout Available:
  • Meals Served:
    • Lunch (Regular)
    • Dinner (Regular)
    • Prix-Fixe Menu (Regular)
  • Primary Cuisine: Korean
  • Restaurant Features:
    • RW Groups 8+
Business Continuity
  • Gift Cards Available for Purchase:
    • In-Store
    • Phone
  • Re-Opening Status: Open - Limited Service/Capacity
  • Alcohol Available To-Go:
    • Beer
    • Wine
  • Delivery Available:
  • Indoor Seating:
  • Takeout Available: