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Osteria La Baia
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  • 129 W. 52nd St.
  • Manhattan, NY 10019
  (917) 671-9898

  • 129 W. 52nd St.
  • Manhattan, NY 10019
  (917) 671-9898

Osteria La Baia serves elegant coastal Italian cuisine inspired by the glittering coast of Italy and by the discreet seaside towns beloved for their character, cuisine and charm. La Baia is an osteria reimagined for present-day New York City, located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan.

  • Days Closed:
    • Sun
  • Week One Inclusion (January 18-23): Yes
  • Dietary Needs/Preferences:
    • Vegan
    • Vegetarian
  • Lunch: $39
  • Dinner: Not Offering Dinner
  • Sunday Lunch/Brunch: Not Offering Sunday Lunch/Brunch
  • Sunday Dinner: Not Offering Sunday Dinner
  • Menu: https://newyorkcity.simpleviewcrm.com/docs/amenities/RW2022-UPDATED-1-_8D7534E7-5056-A36F-23FD93D96D82D3BA.pdf
  • Menu Added In CMS: Menu - Yes
  • Mastercard Status Venue:
  • Primary Cuisine: Italian
  • Reservation Platform:
    • OpenTable
    • Seven Rooms
Business Continuity
  • Indoor Seating: