St. Paul's Chapel
  • 209 Broadway
  • Manhattan, NY 10007
  (212) 602-0800

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  • 209 Broadway
  • Manhattan, NY 10007
  (212) 602-0800

St. Paul’s Chapel was founded in 1766 and celebrates its 250th anniversary in October. George Washington prayed in the chapel following his inauguration as the President of the United States. The chapel hosts a variety of events and installations, including an exhibit about 9/11, movie screenings and more. St. Paul’s continues to be an active church, hosting Sunday services at 8am and 9:15am.

  • Days Closed:
    • None
  • Free:
  • View/Rooftop:
    • N/A
  • WiFi - Free:
  • Assisted Listening System: No
  • Braille: No
  • Large Print: No
  • Open Captioned and/or Closed Captioned: No
  • Sign Language Interpretation: No
  • TTY (hotels only): No
  • Volume Control Telephone (hotels only): No
  • Wheelchair Accessible: Yes