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Jiang's Kitchen
  • 65 St. Marks Pl.
  • Manhattan, NY 10003
  (646) 398-7722

  • 65 St. Marks Pl.
  • Manhattan, NY 10003
  (646) 398-7722

Jiang's Kitchen, from the folks behind Jiang Diner, serves northwestern Chinese cuisine from the Xinjiang region. It might be different than what you expect—cumin, sultanas and other ingredients more familiar from Middle Eastern cuisine are incorporated. Good starting points include cold dishes such as hot and sour cucumbers and shredded sour cabbage. Follow with stir-fried noodles, sauteed crispy pancake or stirred rice noodle with minced beef, and don’t miss out on one of the region’s specialties, spicy Big Plate Chicken, a stewed dish with hot chiles and bell peppers.

  • Ownership:
    • Asian American
  • Large Print: Yes
  • Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
  • Mastercard Status Venue:
  • Primary Cuisine: Chinese
  • Reservation Platform:
    • Other