Burke & Wills
  • 226 W. 79th St.
  • Manhattan, NY 10024
  (646) 823-9251

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  • 226 W. 79th St.
  • Manhattan, NY 10024
  (646) 823-9251

Located in the heart of Manhattan's Upper West Side, Burke & Wills is a modern Australian bistro featuring a raw bar and a rotisserie menu that changes seasonally. The bar is outfitted with vintage wood paneling and walls fashioned from wool bales. Smaller standing tables line the wall opposite the bar separated by partitions, creating intimate spaces for guests to socialize and enjoy their drinks. The back dining room is a light-filled space with an atrium-style glass roof and walls decorated with art depicting scenes of Australian wildlife and terrain.

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    • None
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  • Meals Served:
    • Dinner
    • Brunch
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