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Tao Downtown

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This multi-level, subterranean restaurant is intended to look and feel as if it has been there for decades, unearthed recently to reveal artifacts within. Tao Downtown’s menu spans Asian influences from Hunan and Szechuan-style cooking to flavors of Singapore and Malaysia, which showcase the chefs’ mastery of age-old techniques and understanding of classic Asian dishes. Items include a selection of sharable plates from traditional sushi and yakitori to an assortment of barbeque, tempura and house-made dim sum. Beverages include a specialty cocktail menu and extensive wine list with over 200 varietals and sake selections.

  • Days Closed:
    • None
  • Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
  • Meals Available: Dinner
  • Week One Inclusion (July 19-25): Yes
  • Week Two Inclusion (July 26-Aug 1): Yes
  • Week Three Inclusion (Aug 2-8): Yes
  • Week Four Inclusion (Aug 9-15): Yes
  • 3rd Party Platforms:
    • Caviar
    • DoorDash
    • Grubhub
    • Seamless
    • Tock
    • Uber Eats
  • Direct Orders:
    • Yes, our restaurant accepts orders via phone
    • Yes, our restaurant accepts walk-in pick up orders
  • All In NYC: Neighborhood Getaways: No, not interested in participating at this time
  • Offer: Entrées Crispy Orange Chicken Orange Glaze, Sesame Seeds Black Pepper Chili Chicken or Tofu (v) Pepper, Onion, Bamboo Shoot, Celery Jumbo Shrimp and Snow Peas, Water Chestnuts, Crystal Sauce Pad Thai Noodles (gf) - Peanuts, Mushrooms, Tofu, Choice of Vegetable, Chicken or Shrimp Sides Vegetable Fried Rice Steamed Bok Choy Steamed Jasmine White Rice or Brown Rice
  • Offer - Approved: your choice of crispy orange chicken, black pepper chili chicken or tofu, jumbo shrimp or pad thai, with a side of vegetable fried rice, steamed bok choy, steamed jasmine white rice or brown rice.
  • Lunch Offering (Onsite): Not Participating for Lunch
  • Dinner Offering (Onsite): Not Participating for Dinner
  • Dinner Offering (Delivery): $39 Dinner Weekdays + Sunday
  • Dinner Offering (Takeout): $39 Dinner Weekdays + Sunday
  • Lunch Offering (Delivery): Not Offering Delivery for RW Lunch
  • Lunch Offering (Takeout): Not Offering Takeout for RW Lunch
  • Sunday Dinner Participation (Onsite): Not Participating on Sundays
  • Sunday Brunch/Lunch Participation (Onsite): Not Participating on Sundays
  • Week One Inclusion (Jan 25-31): Yes
  • Week Two Inclusion (Feb 1-7): Yes
  • Signature Dining Experience: No, I am not interested in participating.
  • Direct Ordering: https://taogroup.com/venues/tao-downtown-new-york/delivery/
  • Caviar: https://www.trycaviar.com/store/tao-downtown-new-york-55516/en-US
  • DoorDash: https://www.doordash.com/store/tao-downtown-new-york-55516/en-US
  • Grubhub: https://www.grubhub.com/restaurant/tao-downtown-92-9th-ave-new-york/324488
  • Seamless: https://www.seamless.com/menu/tao-downtown-92-9th-ave-new-york/324488
  • Tock: https://www.exploretock.com/taodowntownnewyork
  • Uber Eats: https://www.ubereats.com/new-york/food-delivery/tao-downtown/vpyM4NbDSMuVgb3NE4UgWQ
  • Preferred Ordering Link: https://taogroup.com/venues/tao-downtown-new-york/delivery/
  • Mastercard Status Venue:
  • Banquet Capacity: 1200
  • Cocktails Capacity: 1500
  • Meals Served:
    • Dinner (Regular)
  • Restaurant Capacity: 1000
  • Buyout Available:
  • Restaurant Features:
    • RW Groups 8+
  • Primary Cuisine: Pan-Asian
Business Continuity
  • Re-Opening Status: Open - Limited Service/Capacity
  • Gift Cards Available for Purchase:
    • Online
    • In-Store
  • Delivery Available:
  • Takeout Available:
  • Alcohol Available To-Go:
    • Beer
    • Cocktails
    • Wine
  • Reception Capacity 250
  • # of Private Rooms 4
  • Banquet Capacity 100
  • Banquet Capacity: 20
  • Banquet Capacity: 20