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All In NYC Toolkit T&Cs

All In NYC: Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your interest in All In NYC! Once you have reviewed the Terms and Conditions, please provide your contact information below and click the button to agree and download the tool kit.

Terms and Conditions

By clicking “I Agree” below, you acknowledge and agree to the below:

I am entering into a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use the artwork and/or logos (the “Material”) accessed from this page to participate in All In NYC (the “Campaign”).

My use of the Material is subject to my full compliance with all of these terms (the “Terms”) and the best practices and direction as provided by NYC & Company.

If I do not fully comply with the Terms, this license can be terminated immediately and I will immediately stop using the Materials. My failure to do so will result in immediate and irreparable harm to NYC & Company (the “Licensor”) and the City of New York.

I acknowledge and agree that all of the Materials are owned and/or controlled by the Licensor and that my use of the Materials will inure to the benefit of Licensor. I acknowledge that All In NYC/the Campaign is a proprietary program of NYC & Company. NYC & Company may promote such uses of the Materials that derive from use of this tool kit (e.g., by showcasing on social media, press or website). I grant NYC & Company the right to use my (or the business/company I represent) trademarks, including corporate logos and name in connection with the Campaign.

I agree that I will not do anything inconsistent with Licensor’s ownership of the Material; will not further license the Material; will not use the Material for any commercial purpose, product produced for sale nor will I further license or sublicense the Material; I will not use the Material in any manner that is illegal or illicit and I will not use in any manner that is disparaging or offensive to either of the Licensor or the Campaign; and I will not alter, change or modify the Material or add my own designs, branding, logo, trademark or service mark to the Material without submitting to NYC & Company for approval.

I will use an authorized supplier listed by NYC & Company or a supplier who has applied for and been accepted to make or items or goods that include the Material. Listed here within the tool kit is a suggested list (however, any manufacturer or distributors used must be in accordance with the Terms and the highest industry standards). If I use another supplier, he or she must apply for and be accepted to manufacture or distribute items that include the Materials. Email AllinNYCtoolkit@nycgo.com to request a supplier agreement. I further warrant that any manufacturer/supplier I use has been provided with and executed these terms.

This license is governed by the laws of the State of New York without regard to its choice of law rules, and I agree to submit to the jurisdiction of courts located in New York City in the event of a dispute.

I will defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Licensor to the fullest extent permitted by law for any claims, judgments, demands, causes of action, damages, losses, costs and expenses, including but not limited to reasonable attorneys’ fees, which may be made or asserted in connection with the manufacture, design, distribution, advertising, promotion of and the use of any items to which the Materials are applied and/or the use of Materials, whether or not such use complied with the Terms of this license.

I waive all rights against the Licensor, including their employees, for any damages or losses that are covered under any insurance required by these Terms (whether or not such insurance is actually procured or claims are paid thereunder) or any other insurance applicable to my operations.

Changes to the Campaign, modifications to the tool kit or its Terms may be made at NYC & Company’s sole discretion. If changes are made, I agree to follow NYC & Company’s direction.

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