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All In NYC: Stay Well Pledge - Tool Kit

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New York City’s dynamism is defined by its people—those who live here, those who work here and all who visit from afar. Ensuring everyone’s well-being is paramount right now, and it’s a community effort. We at NYC & Company are asking tourism and hospitality businesses and their guests to take this Pledge, backed by public health protocols, to help the five boroughs reopen responsibly. View the full Pledge here and read on for the resources you’ll need to get involved.

Note: As of June 15, Governor Andrew Cuomo has removed most coronavirus restrictions in New York State. The government no longer requires businesses to maintain social distancing or masking and cleaning protocols; businesses are free to continue implementing these measures on an individual basis if they choose. In addition, businesses no longer need to gather patrons' contact-tracing information. Restrictions remain in effect for large-scale indoor event venues (more than 5,000 attendees), though proof of vaccination can be used to eliminate social distancing and mask requirements. For more information, visit ny.gov.

Stay Well NYC Pledge

Take the Pledge Today

Doing your part to protect the community is as easy as it is important. Here’s how to get involved.


Download Tool Kit

Our downloadable tool kit includes three simple steps for taking the Pledge and sharing it with your audiences. Simply agree to our terms and conditions and download it now.

Stay Well: NYC Toolkits


See Who’s Taken the Pledge

Businesses citywide have already taken the All in NYC: Stay Well Pledge. Click here for a list of participants so far.

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