—Weekend of August 14 Highlights Some of NYC’s Key Anniversaries, including Woodstock, NAACP, and NY400 —

New York, NY (August 12, 2009)—NYC & Company, New York City’s marketing, tourism and partnership organization, today announced its Go Local summer activities for the weekend of August 14. This weekend residents can “go retro,” by celebrating the anniversaries of significant events in the City's history. We invite New Yorkers to remember NYC’s rich heritage of social, political and artistic liberation through the lens of 1960s art and culture. NYC & Company’s Go Local initiative provides New Yorkers and visitors with suggestions for free and low-cost weekend activities, encouraging them to explore the City's neighborhoods and support for local businesses.

“New York City has a unique history rooted in tolerance and diversity which we invite locals and visitors to celebrate,” said George Fertitta, CEO of NYC & Company. “The City’s past has paved the way for New York’s modern and vibrant culture, and this summer there are many commemorative activities on offer, including a number that relive the passion of the ’60s.”

NYC & Company is calling on locals to travel back in time as the City celebrates the 40th anniversary of Woodstock. This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the NAACP, laying the groundwork for the modern civil rights movement, as well as NY400, which commemorates the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson's arrival in NYC and the Dutch influence on the City's history. This week, NYC & Company shows New Yorkers how to go retro by going local, as they learn about the history and timelessness of the City.

This week’s Go Local highlights include:

Emory Douglas: Black Panther As an artist, designer and eventually Minister of Culture for the Black Panther Party, Douglas used powerful imagery that illustrates the complicated rhetoric surrounding race relations at the time. Curated by Sam Durant for the New Museum (, the exhibition communicates the need for political, social, and artistic change that emerged in the 1960s and documents an important moment in American history.

Burk Uzzle: Woodstock: 40th Anniversary The Laurence Miller Gallery ( celebrates the 40th anniversary of Woodstock by presenting Burk Uzzle’s photographic documentation of the three-day music festival. As a participant, rather than a photojournalist, Uzzle was able to capture certain aspects of Woodstock that the press could not. Although the “Age of Aquarius" may be long gone, Uzzle’s color and black-and-white prints capture its essence.

In & Out of Amsterdam: Travels in Conceptual Art, 1960–1976 For 400 years the Dutch have influenced New York City art and architecture, culture and design. The Modern Museum of Art ( takes note of the creative cross-cultural influence between the Dutch and New York City during a fertile moment in the history of art. Among the artists exhibited are a number with strong ties to both Amsterdam, which provides the focal point for the show, and New Amsterdam, such as Sol LeWitt and Lawrence Weiner.

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About NYC & Company: NYC & Company is the official marketing, tourism and partnership organization for the City of New York, dedicated to maximizing travel and tourism opportunities throughout the five boroughs, building economic prosperity and spreading the positive image of New York City worldwide.