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U.K. Advertising Campaign Kicks off in London’s Rail;
holiday hotel vacancies and depressed dollar
combine for "perfect storm" for winter tourists

New York, NY (December 19, 2006) – NYC & Company launched an aggressive London-based marketing campaign this week, targeting UK residents looking to travel during the typically slow holiday hotel season in New York, and to capitalize on the depressed US dollar as further reason to book a trip to New York City now.

Entitled Open/Book (“New York is Open, so Book it”), points out the little known fact that the December Holidays – as well as Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Chinese New Year, Memorial Day and Independence Day – are times when New York City hotels are below their typical 100% occupancy rates and foreign travellers can find more rooms for less money. The campaign also focuses on the fact that the dollar is currently at historic lows, allowing foreign currency – including the British pound – to buy more than it typically might on a trip to New York.

The ad campaign made a big splash in London’s Suburban Commuter “Rail,” with train-length posters carrying the slogan: “Pound for pound, New York City is the place to be. Well, make that pound for dollar.” The ad depicts a pair of cartoon cabs, a black London cab and a classic New York City Yellow Checker cab, speeding down a street. The tag line directs people to the Open/Book website, nycgo.

Also as part of the campaign, NYC & Company has created a Open/Book Quiz that demonstrates to potential UK travellers just how far their pound will go for equivalent experiences and merchandise in London and New York. Among the examples: a river boat cruise (20 ₤ in London vs. 9₤ in New York), a five-mile cab ride (7₤ in London vs. 3.7₤ in New York) or an mp3 player (99₤ in London vs. 75₤ in New York). Find the quiz at:

“Savvy travelers can get incredible deals this time of year, saving hundreds of dollars a night on a hotel they might otherwise not be able to afford – if they could even get a reservation,” said Fred Dixon, Vice President, Tourism Development for NYC & Company. “We’ve partnered with hotels, airlines and travel companies to bring these deals to people who visit our website. Savings are even more incredible when you realize the depressed dollar will make an international visitor’s own currency go even father. That’s more money for dining, shopping and tourist attractions.”

NYC & Company has undergone recent fundamental changes that make it a better organization. Newly appointed CEO George Fertitta has combined the formerly separate entities of NYC Marketing, NYC Big Events and NYC & Company under one banner – while keeping the NYC & Company name and brand – creating the world’s leading municipal tourism, marketing and events organization. Primary among Fertitta’s many goals: to achieve Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s stated goal of attracting 50 million visitors to New York City by 2015.

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About NYC & Company:
NYC & Company is the official marketing, tourism and partnership organization for the City of New York, dedicated to maximizing travel and tourism opportunities throughout the five boroughs, building economic prosperity and spreading the positive image of New York City worldwide.