While New York City is home to some of the most innovative and celebrated fitness destinations within the country, it is important to note the equally dynamic destinations that promote wellness and mindfulness. These unique areas offer residents and visitors alike a one-of-a-kind escape from the daily hustle and bustle that NYC is known for.

NYC & Company invites those to seek out popular destinations to practice wellness activities, including yoga and meditation, across the five boroughs:

The Bronx

  • Wave Hill: Among the many hidden gems within the Bronx is AWave Hill, 28-acre public garden and cultural center, dedicated to celebrating the artistry and legacy of its peaceful garden, landscapes and magnificent views of the Hudson River and Palisades.
  • New York Botanical Garden: Known for key attractions like its Orchid Collection and Perennial Gardens, the NYBG is a Bronx treasure with multiple areas throughout that would serve as one of the more scenic areas in the city to practice meditation.



  • Brooklyn Bridge Park: A previously deteriorated industrial space, Brooklyn Bridge Park is an alluring outdoor park with a phenomenal view of the East River and Manhattan and a vast amount of space for visitors to enjoy the scenery in peace.
  • Brooklyn Botanic Garden: Founded over a century ago, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a garden oasis within its bustling Brooklyn neighborhood, that boasts numerous, calming garden spaces ideal for meditation. Their Japanese Hill and Pond Garden is one of the oldest and most visited Japanese-inspired gardens outside of Japan. It’s postcard-like appearance and features like its waterfall and noted cherry blossoms make it an ideal outdoor destination for meditation.



  • The Rubin Museum: To connect the traditions found in their exhibited art to contemporary mind/body practices, the Rubin Museum hosts monthly meditation sessions with notable leaders in the space and maintains a weekly podcast featuring meditation.
  • The Church of St. Luke in the Fields: Behind the walls of this West Village garden you can find peace and serenity befitting a church yard. New Yorkers and travelers alike can enjoy the formal well-tended design of this church garden—a perfect spot for mediation.
  • Conservatory Garden at Central Park: As the only formal garden within Central Park, the Conservatory Garden is devoid of runners and bicyclists and offers a quiet, calm atmosphere for visitors.
  • The Frick Collection: Housed in one of New York City’s last great Gilded Age mansions, the Frick provides a tranquil environment for visitors to intimately encounter European masterpieces in one of the world’s foremost collections of fine and decorative arts.
  • Governors Island: An 172-acre island within the New York Harbor which houses multiple areas that allow visitors to enjoy a peaceful retreat just moments away from the city.
  • The High Line: While the High Line has expanded to house more vendors and feature numerous events yearly in the city, it still serves as an elevated escape from the city and offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy its sustainable gardens and quiet areas of isolation for meditation.
  • The Museum of Modern Art: The first Wednesday of every month, the MoMA invites visitors to intimately browse their world-famous collection and exhibits in silence, and then concludes with a brief meditation session.



  • Noguchi Museum: Founded by internationally-renowned artist Isamu Noguchi, the Noguchi Museum commemorates the artists’ life’s work. The museum prides itself on providing an “intimate and reflective” space, from its galleries to its garden that allow visitors to enjoy the quiet oasis.
  • Gantry Plaza State Park: Gantry State Plaza is a 12-acre riverside oasis, that offers striking views of midtown Manhattan, and boasts an array of waterfront seating areas that create an air of peak relaxation and zen.


Staten Island

  • New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden at Snug Harbor: The New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden is one of two authentic scholar’s gardens in the United States. The garden houses eight pavilions that visitors can enjoy including a bamboo forest path, waterfalls and a Koi-filled pond making it a dynamic destination for meditation.
  • Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art: Described as a “uniquely peaceful retreat,” the Tibetan Museum features art from Tibet and the Himalayas, as well as offering meditation and Tai-Chi sessions to celebrate the significant cultural heritage of both.


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