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Priceless® Experiences

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New York City is full of Priceless® Experiences, and Mastercard can amplify them on a global scale. NYC & Company members now have the unique opportunity to craft meaningful and memorable NYC experiences exclusively for Mastercard cardholders in more than 90 countries around the world.

In addition to showcasing these products to the millions of monthly users of the Priceless Cities platform, Mastercard will promote them via CRM with a global reach of 3 million and social channels with 2.8 million followers. Select experiences may also be picked up by card issuers for further promotion through their channels.

What is a Priceless Experience?

A Priceless Experience is upscale, exclusive and aligned to one of five core passions: culinary, arts and culture, sports, entertainment and music, and travel and shopping. It could be a cooking demonstration by a celebrity chef, a music lesson from a Broadway star, a private styling at an elite boutique or something that’s never been done before. Dream big.


Every Priceless Experience must:
-    Be exclusive to Mastercard cardholders
-    Accommodate at least two people, because Priceless Experiences are meant to be shared
-    Include global marketing permissions to Mastercard and their partners


To submit your Priceless Experience for review, simply fill out the form below. You may submit as many experiences as you like, and we will be in touch if yours is chosen. 

If chosen, you will be required to fill out and agree to our participation agreement in order to participate.


We  will help you craft the most attractive experience possible, but please be advised that the decision to feature it on the Priceless platform is at the sole discretion of Mastercard.


Mastercard transacts Priceless Experiences on its platform at Priceless.com and submits payment directly to you as the merchant. The suggested price point for successful experiences is $100 to $200 per person.

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