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IV Purpose
IV Purpose is a chic, sports restaurant where these things are guaranteed: Good food, specialty drinks, and great service.
  • 1489 Fulton St.
  • Brooklyn, NY 11216
  (718) 734-1489

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  • 1489 Fulton St.
  • Brooklyn, NY 11216
  (718) 734-1489

The name is a pun (think the Roman numeral "four" and its homophone "for"), but this place is serious in wanting to keep you well-fed while you're watching some kind of sporting event. Options include fried chicken sandwiches, rasta pasta and much more.

  • Ownership:
    • Asian American
    • Black
    • Woman
  • Large Print: Yes
  • Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
  • Beverage Specials:
    • Stella Artois Available
    • Cocktail Pairings/Special
  • Mastercard Status Venue:
  • Primary Cuisine: American Traditional
  • Reservation Platform:
    • No Reservations
Business Continuity
  • Alcohol Available To-Go:
    • Beer
    • Cocktails
    • Wine
  • Indoor Seating:
  • Outdoor Dining:
  • Outdoor Heaters:
  • Takeout Available: