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Russian Samovar
  • 256 W. 52nd St. (Broadway–Eighth Ave.)
  • NYC, 10019
  (212) 757-0168

  • 256 W. 52nd St. (Broadway–Eighth Ave.)
  • NYC, 10019
  (212) 757-0168

Sex and the City devotees will recognize this charming hideaway from Carrie’s date with Russian suitor Aleksander Petrovsky, played by Mikhail Baryshnikov. The classic Russian staples they enjoyed—like borsht and pelmeni—are still served and, in fact, Baryshnikov is part owner of the Theatre District classic. The full menu of vodka and Russian and Georgian fare accentuates the Russian social club feel. With at least a dozen herb- or fruit-infused vodkas, the fun-loving crowd can enjoy live music most nights or the legendary poetry series that keeps the place humming with a low buzz of conversation.

  • Dietary Needs/Preferences:
    • Gluten-Free
    • Vegan
    • Vegetarian
  • 3rd Party Platforms:
    • Caviar
    • DoorDash
    • Grubhub
    • Seamless
    • Uber Eats
  • All In NYC: Neighborhood Getaways: No, not interested in participating at this time
  • Direct Orders:
    • Yes, our restaurant accepts orders via phone
    • Yes, our restaurant accepts direct online orders (no 3rd party integration)
    • Yes, our restaurant accepts walk-in pick up orders
  • Meals Available: Both Lunch & Dinner
  • Offer: 1 Borscht soup, choice of Siberian Pelmeni (Homemade Veal And Pork Dumplings Served In A Light Chicken Broth) OR Vareniki (Potato Perogie Pan Fried With Mushroom & Onions)
  • Offer - Approved: a borscht soup and your choice of either Siberian pelmeni (homemade veal and pork dumplings in a light chicken broth) or vareniki (potato pierogi pan friend with mushrooms and onions).
  • Week Five Inclusion (Aug 15-22): Yes
  • Caviar: https://www.trycaviar.com/store/russian-samovar--52nd-st--manhattan-873735/en-US
  • DoorDash: https://www.doordash.com/store/russian-samovar-new-york-873735/en-US
  • Grubhub: https://www.grubhub.com/restaurant/russian-samovar-256-w-52nd-st-new-york/446224
  • Preferred Ordering Link: https://www.ubereats.com/new-york/food-delivery/russian-samovar/LzsIWJWSQ3STtz9NgHVoGQ?ad_id=483935149393&campaign_id=9932026007&gclid=CjwKCAiAjeSABhAPEiwAqfxURVqjVIHl5nCl63GPctEYJv7REVEMIWi1deXk8pECh5P8-CijexrKBBoC1eMQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&kw=%2Brussian%2
  • Seamless: https://www.seamless.com/menu/russian-samovar-256-w-52nd-st-new-york/446224
  • Uber Eats: https://www.ubereats.com/new-york/food-delivery/russian-samovar/LzsIWJWSQ3STtz9NgHVoGQ?ad_id=483935149393&campaign_id=9932026007&gclid=CjwKCAiAjeSABhAPEiwAqfxURVqjVIHl5nCl63GPctEYJv7REVEMIWi1deXk8pECh5P8-CijexrKBBoC1eMQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&kw=%2Brussian%2
  • Mastercard Status Venue:
  • Banquet Capacity: 75
  • Buyout Available:
  • Cocktails Capacity: 100
  • Primary Cuisine: Russian
  • Reservation Platform:
    • OpenTable
Business Continuity
  • Gift Cards Available for Purchase:
    • Online
    • In-Store
    • Phone
  • Delivery Available:
  • Indoor Seating:
  • Takeout Available: