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New York Botanical Garden, The Bronx, NYC

Virtual NYC: Participation Form

New York Botanical Garden. Photo: Christopher Postlewaite

To support NYC during this extraordinary time, we are promoting organizations that are offering virtual experiences online. While we are making every effort to list as many of these as possible, we must prioritize ongoing exhibitions and events. Note that we have a strong preference for consolidated listings, with a single link to your organization, ideally directing to a landing page where consumers can browse all your digital offerings. Multiple submissions from single organizations may be consolidated by NYC & Company staff.

When submitting, please allow at least one week of notice in advance, and note that due to the volume of incoming events, your experience may take longer to appear in our listings. Submissions that include photography will be given preference. We cannot accommodate flyers or other marketing materials as graphics. All listings are subject to approval by NYC & Company staff, and will be edited for clarity and length.

To be included in this program, please provide the following information:

1 or more horizontal images that are at least 3000 x 2000 pixels at 72dpi. Please ensure that all subjects in your image(s) are above the age of 18. Note that we cannot accommodate flyers or other marketing materials as graphics.

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